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What is Google doing?

I was on page #1 through an INACHI link.
Then the INACHI link was gone…

In less than 20 hrs, my PAGE (not web site) is page #1, #1 for Energy Weatherization Nashville Tn., and INACHI links are gone!?

My page bumped the INACHI link?

I’m confused…

Anyone have a clue?

OK, Now NACHI is #1 and I’m #2.
Well see how that goes.

NACHI posts push me off the page most of the time!

Sign out of the top right corner of Google. Being signed into Google affects what your rank looks like.

Exactly, you can be fooled until you sign out and do a search and see the results.

David I have 2 web-sites that from time to time GOOGLE will drop for a day or so the put them back on top of page 1…

If you do not see you web-page at some point relax for a day or so it will pop back.



I think you said you used Chrome, David. If that is the case use Modzilla or IE for your searches. Just like Dominic said make sure you are signed out. I use the SEO Quake add on for Modzilla, and use it for nothing other than search look ups. Even then you should clear your history, cookies, forms (everything) before doing search look ups.

I still swear my cell phone (Motorola Android at the moment) gives me more realistic search results.


OK, I did that and saw the difference.

A read you guys talking about it bit it didn’t “click”!