Energy Audit - Weatherization Failure Nashville, TN

One in five homes weatherized after an Energy Audit in Tennessee uses more energy than before their energy audit and weatherization repairs!


After spending over $100 million dollars of federal stimulus money on over 1000 homes in the State of Tennessee, investigative reports found not only did much of the money go to waste, but it actually reduced the efficiency of some homes repaired under the weatherization program.

MDHA can’t seem to explain this unexpected increase in fuel bills after weatherization repairs!

Well it is quite simple. Workmanship of the current weatherization contractors is worse than the workmanship of 100 yr old initial construction!

Put in a High Efficient window and cause leaks “Around” the window, greater than the old wooden window sashes…

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Inspectors: If you do energy audits and you do not do all the elaborate testing that so many feel is “over the top”, you may find yourself floating (or should I say “sinking”) in this boat…

It all comes down to hire a contractor that knows what he is doing. Check References, and make sure he is doing a good job. There are so many people out there for the quick buck.

That is why retest the home before the payment is made to the contractor, they need to be held accountable.

what weatherization policies are in place in Tennessee? Leroy is very correct, a post diagnostic test is very important before payment is made to weatherization contractors…

It looks like this failure is happening all over the country…


People love negative press…actually it seems as though most Americans just like being negative, period.

I also do not agree with how some of the programs were run and there was fraud in some programs, but come on get real. Weatherization was approx .6% (there is a decimal there) of ARRA. Where did the other 99.4% go? The press, media and government has done a great job of redirecting you all.

Some of those are the same article re-written with local information added, or what have you.