Energy Audit

I purchased a infrared camera after Christmas and took the Level 1 class in January. I am now in the process of working on my contracts, advertising, etc. I am still trying to decide how far I want to go and with what part. I am a licensed home inspector but I think I would rather push the camera than the inspections. I have also thought about just doing the camera and talking with other HI to help supplement their business. That way it is really no competition.

To get a little more idea, my utility provider is coming to my house on Monday to do a energy survey. I figured what can it hurt? Plus I can get a little more idea of what it all entails. Do I want to just try and do the camera? Or do I want to get the blower door and do the whole thing? Those are the kind of questions that I am still working on right now.

I am also a general contractor and I work around a lot of old buildings. I am also in a major triangle of cities of a couple of million people.

Thoughts anyone?

Energy audits are going to be the going thing with energy prices soaring like there are. Take the needed traing and go for it.

Bottom line… your clients will want to know where to spend the money
that will give them the most bang for the buck. Report with this in mind. IMHO.

The RESNET ENERGY STAR training certification class and a blower door will run you about $5000. Don’t forget report software and other gadgets. You should recoup you investment in about 3 years.:wink:

Had to postpone the energy audit for a couple of weeks. One of my key employee’s mom has taken a turn for the worse and may not make it through the weekend so I decided to go ahead and postpone it so that I could cover for him.
I will let you know what comes of it later.