Energy Auditor Round-table

Hey Guys,

What do people think about having a Energy Auditor Round-table. This would be an online meeting maybe once a month or once every two weeks where we could call in and have a discussion on current topics, marketing trends, or anything relating to success of Energy Auditors.

I would be willing to set it up if I have some good feedback and participants.


Count me in!

Count me in.

Sounds good…

OK, got some nibbles :slight_smile:

I’m sure as the thread goes on there will be more interested. I would like the round-table to be “open” and constructive. I envision that there will not be a “leader” or any single “guru” running the show.

My suggestion is that we have moderators that would volunteer to keep things on topic. We could start with a list of topics people would like to discuss and create a schedule for each meeting.

If you would like to participate, please start thinking of topics or ideas for discussion.


Here are a few of my beginning topics:

  1. Meet and Greet - Introductions (get to know one another)
  2. What is an Energy Audit?
  3. How do I get into the business (ie. training/education/certifications)
  4. What is the typical investment (training/equipment/certifications)

What would others want to talk about?


You guys can use my webinar room and select a couple main speakers
or just have general discussion.

I can would handle the mechanics and let you guys run it as you see fit.
There are several ways to set it up.

I can handle up to 1000 people at a time.

He John,

Thanks for offering the webinar room. That sounds great!


This sounds cool.
May I suggest a topic of discussion: Marketing failures and sucesses.

Select one or two you want to guide the session and have them
contact me. You guys can set up a time and date and use it
for free, as many times as you want.

We can allow the leaders to speak over the audio and the rest
can communicate via chat. I will remain in the background to
keep it rolling.

We can kick around marketing ideas. Nick can help jump start
peoples business with ideas that he can promote from his end.
It will help a lot of new people to see what some of the veterans
are doing that really works.

That sounds great!

I would love to be in, and I won’t pitch anything! hehe. Seriously, I am more interested in the actual business as far as this stuff is concerned.

I know several auditors that would also be interested. I cannot promise anything yet but I will try to get one of the guys from a company that we deal with that has taken their energy auditing business from scratch to running 16 full time crews in just over a year.

Great idea Kevin.


I’m in! Just passed my RESNET Trainer/Provider test yesterday. Have previously passed RESNET Rater test and BPI Building Analyst tests - RESNET Trainer/provider test is the most difficult by far!

This sounds like a really good idea. I don’t provide energy audits yet…but I want to sometime this year. I’m in when it happens.

Sounds good to me, I would like to participate.
I can not only offer my experiences as an auditor but as a State of NH approved weatherization contractor.
I am starting three jobs at the end of this week and next week I am weatherizing a 40 year old mobile home.

Great!! Your experience is very welcome and valued.


Would love to join…let me know where and when…if non-members are allowed?

Awesome - I am just about to commit about $10K to getting educated, tested and equipted - this would be great!

I’m in! Perhaps i could add the Canadian perspective. Shoot me an email with details when avaliable.

Contact me Kevin and we can set this up for you.