Energy Audits-Expand Your Business

I got this e-mail today. Territorial license fee starts at $300 per month per 300,000 population. Hurry offer ends soon!!

Yeap I will hurry and do that!!!

Am I too late?!?!?!?!


Wow, $300 a month, what a deal.
These people think we are idiots or what.



Linas, does that mean you could be one of the 5 in Chicago? lol

Yeah I got that email too. They also talked about how this would be a great opportunity for appraisers to add energy audits on to their service. :shock:

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I have already been doing them for 2 years, already. Had one this morning on a 7281 SF monster. The place was owned by a GC who built it.

Call it Karma, but the place was leaking air like a sieve!

Note all the melting snow at the roof attic area. Temp was 21 F with 18% RH. No way that that snow should have been melting.

Also, please note the two small gutters on the sides of the chimney. No downspouts!

Complex roof. No way to properly insulate with fiberglass batts. Even so, the batts were not properly installed.

Pic #3 was an interior wall on a big grand stairway that was not even insulated to the attic area, behind.

Pic #4 was area behind the built in window seat. Also built in cabinets with NO insulation behind.

Pic #5 cold air leaking at the top plate.

The guy is gonna have most of the exterior walls removed and use spray foam.

BTW: 5 furnaces, high efficiency and all installed wrong (no combustion air intake).

Like I said, Karma.






Will, pretty common to see that crap on someones house from a GC. Because they usually skimp to take the products home to put on their own house. Apparently this guy has skimped so often he completely forgot how to insulate a home.

Where do I sign up to be a "Bubba!?

guess what ! starting at $300 per month for a Territorial fee you have to pay them{ bubba}