Energy Audits

As of the end of the day tomorrow (April 1st )the Federal government is terminating the grants for ecoEnergy Program.
This means that as anyone who is not registered into the program (in other words, already scheduled to have an audit done) will not be allowed to participate in the Federal grants.

Anyone who has already scheduled (i.e. registered) or had a first audit done will still be allowed to finish the program as intended.

At this moment, the provincial government has not opted out.
The feds will still send the files to the province for grant processing.
What this means is that unless the province decides to pull out as well, people could still enter the program after April 1st but they would only receive the provincial grants.
Which effectively cuts the grants in half from you are used to.
Although this looks like the direction it will take I would be hesitant to mention this to your clients until we get confirmation that a) the province is still willing to participate and b) logistically it can be processed in this manner.

Disappeared like Al Gore.

Looks like at this time 50% of the rebates ended at 12;01 this morning .

Gloria Galloway

Ottawa — Globe and Mail Update
Published on Wednesday, Mar. 31, 2010 11:10PM EDT

.The popular ecoENERGY Retrofit program that provides grants of up to $5,000 to Canadians who make their homes more energy efficient has come to an abrupt end.

Homeowners who had already booked an appointment for a pre-retrofit evaluation before the Natural Resources Department announced the program’s demise Wednesday remain eligible to apply for a grant.
But no further bookings will be considered.

“The remaining $300-million for homeowners currently in the program will continue to support our home renovation industry and deliver both economic and environmental benefits from coast to coast to coast,” Natural Resources Minister Christian Paradis said in an e-mail.

“We have a responsibility to taxpayers to ensure the program operates within its existing budget and no longer accepting new bookings for pre-retrofit evaluations is the kind of prudent fiscal management Canadians have come to expect from this government.”

The federal budget released on March 4 promoted the program. “Due to unprecedented demand under the ecoENERGY Retrofit – Homes program, the government is allocating a further $80-million to support additional retrofits by Canadian homeowners,” the budget documents said.

The program, which is conducted in co-operation with the provinces, stipulated that a post-retrofit audit had to be completed by March 31, 2011. But, until Wednesday, there was no deadline for the initial application.

“They are saying they are not killing it since it still technically goes until March, 2011,” Liberal MP David McGuinty said Wednesday.
“But if you haven’t got your energy audit done, you are out of luck. There is not rebate for you. It’s a completely arbitrary date.
We have never heard this date before.”

His Liberal colleague Geoff Regan, the Natural Resources critic, said the loss of the program is going to be a huge disappointment to a lot of Canadians who were planning on making their homes more energy efficient this spring or summer.

“It is strange for the government to include $80-million in the budget and then a few weeks later kill the program,” Mr. Regan said.

“This will also have a ripple effect across the economy. … I suspect this is one of the consequences of having a government which has run up a record $56-billion deficit last year and more massive deficits in the next few years.
It’s too bad that homeowners will be the ones to suffer

I see many complaints from all over Canada.
I would not be surprised to see the Government almost instantly change their mind and restore or come out with another plan.
They will try and laugh it of as a Aprils fool joke or say they are considering on how to improve what they have …

YEPP!!! They went 180 degrees by cancelling early after telling insiders the program was safe until 2011. On the news earlier today, it was stated they were “only reconsidering or restructuring the program”…just went back about 175 degrees!

All this quick jerking around is going to destroy their posture. All good!! They’re doing it to themselves… showing what they are really all about.

Some facts:
-On Wednesday, finished doing 21 QC inspections (randomly selected) for a low income retrofit program funded completely by a combination of federal ecoEnergy grants and provincial funds. Most of these homes had also had Residentail Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP) grants about the same time the energy work was done. The RRAP grants went to absolute neccesities in most cases (roofs, upgraded electrical, plumbing, furnaces)

-Of the 21:
*15 were older retired widower/widows (14 women-a few in late 70’s up to 84-85/one man)
*5 were working poor in older minihomes/run down homes (none of us would want to live in these homes)
*1 was ??

Helping keep these poorer older folks in their homes (where they want to be) is a long term saving to the tax payers. They now live on fixed income or poorly indexed pensions (one lady said she got a raise of $4.80 last year…she can now buy 2 more loaves of bread or 2 dozen more small eggs!!) If they have to be placed in managed care facilities at $35,000-40,000+ per year, you can see where the tax bills will go!

The bean counters do not see the end use and positive effects of this spending, just that we have to reduce taxes. So the less vocal and powerless get hit…SAD in such a rich country!

Where is this guy Sean that supposedly could never find an email he received from NRCan about program continuation?:twisted:


I couldn’t agree more. I wish everyone could see the impact the low income program makes on some of those homeowners.