Energy Crisis solved


Toxic jatropha not magic biofuel crop, experts warn

Medically it is used for diseases like cancer, piles, snakebite, paralysis, dropsy etc.

Oil is toxic too. So what?

Nope, won’t work, it might interfere with the Mongolian Spotted Tree Chiggers mating rituals. Need to do a $20 Billion enviromental study first.

Oops, someone in that article states that it could be developed!

Perhaps genetic engineering could remove the toxicity and productivity issues …:-k

Since they are working on this in China, I wonder how all those toxins are going to end up in our hands this time…

I think now is a good time to check stocks guys

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Sorry I forgot you said not to tell anyone till you bought it out Linus.

Wow , no mention of Home gadjet 4.0 or what ever you use with all those horizontal lines and no bookmarks.

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I lived through Carter’s War on the Poor. He stared many of us out by every increasing food prices. Why are we taking food producing land to grow something that already exists in the ground, not dependent on weather, and critical water supplies.


In shampoo…Its the next miracle cure for baldness :wink: