energy inspector

found this ad in the st.petersburg times

Energy Inspector
immediate position in growing co. Cand. will learn energy inspections on new homes, read const.plans,strong math&willing to learn, benefits. E-mail

lots of ads for hvac, electricians,concrete, and a sup job for a G.C.

a good sign…

You know this will be the next big thing right? In the next few years the U.S. govt will most likely pass a home energy rating system similar to what MPG is for cars. It wont be mandatory but the govt will do a lot of advertising and education on it so people will end up WANTING this type of inspection with their home inspection. So they know what energy efficiency rating their entire home has. It is not cheap to get the training for it either. There is a pilot program in 10 or 15 states right now and its going well I guess. All the info you need is on this site here

all it will take is another dollar or 2 on gas and it’s game on…solar should be coming into play first before the energy audits I think.

this just in …5.75 a gal in orlando

That’s why i posted the ad…i know there are Nachi guys in Tampa bay that were preparing for the last program that never materialized.

Great Nick…however as with your lead program…we need some classrooms set up here in fl.

Colorado is nice but a little to far for me.

I emailed Zoe about a lead class…I think she is working on it…maybe a little push from you will help.

Awesome, I hope that means we can get the same quality training for less than the thousands of dollars it costs right now. While still being certified to preform the correct inspections, etc etc