Energy Tune up

Is anyone providing the energy tune up inspection?

Has anyone gone to this class. Is it worth it?

Kevin Richardson offers these services. It’s fairly reasonable compared to RESNET certification.

Dave, NACHI Ohio is offering a class at one of their meetings.

This is the class I was interested in!! I hate the drive to Columbus. I have done this drive so many times I should have a section named after me.

But no one has responded to how this has helped or not helped them as an additional service.

I’ve done a few. I offer it as standalone or as part of a standard HI. All the ones I’ve done have been for existing homeowners as standalone jobs. They work best for older homes. Modern homes tend to have all the items likely to be recommended. If you have an IR camera, it’s a good matchup in using the camera in conjunction with the tuneup. However an IR camera is by no means required.