ENGAGE offers InterNACHI member discount on inspection lead generation services.

Download and read the ENGAGE press release (pdf)

No thanks… never heard a word from the last one that you introduced us to, after the round of discussions with them.

Agreed! Done with that.

Did we alert you to a previous offer from ENGAGE? I thought this was the first offer they made to InterNACHI members.

First for Engage.
It was a different ‘same type’ service provider. www.homeinspector.com

Oh. Well, we can’t condemn Dominic at Home Inspector Pro because PalmTech software sucked for years before Dom came along. :wink:

No offense, and we all appreciate your bringing us offers to help our businesses, but many of us are getting tired of being the “Guinea Pigs” for these companies, with zero results. Even with no or discounted set-up fee’s, a lot of our time is wasted chasing these promised results. Personally, I want to see proven results before I shell out any more cash.

(Ok, I vented, I’m feeling better now). :wink:

My name is Debbie Harding and I work with Engage. We are so excited to be a part of InterNachi. Engage is a full service marketing company with experience in the home service industry. I would love to answer any of your questions or concerns. I look forward to hearing from you all! Remember the first ones to respond get an extra $25 off set up fee…

Debbie Harding

Welcome to the message board Debbie. You indicate Engage is a full service marketing company but I don’t know what all that may include. One topic of interest is referral marketing, i.e. an automated method and ability to pay a referral fee to past clients and Realtors (and Realtor’s co-workers) that send repeat business our way. Does Engage provide a method for doing that or have advice on the topic?

How much is per lead?

Thanks for posting this… forgot I had left an account open with the homeinspector.com place. Never heard from them, no leads, nada.

Not even a “How are you doing? We’re still alive” email

This post…Reminded me to send them (homeinspector.com) an email to cancel :slight_smile:

No surprises… thank you very much!


No thanks Nick. I already have Engage. It’s called Google. IMO a majority of the world checks it when they are in need of anything. Best of all it will only cost me around $50 a month for adwords and my little yellow tag once I get home. I’m with most here I want to see results before I buy.


Can you provide evidence that your system has worked for others?

The only thing you can say about homeinspector.com, was that with no initial outlay of money there was nothing ventured.

3 days and no response to my post #9 question…what does that say?

That they are “Engaged” perhaps???

Yep, it would appear that’s the case :slight_smile:

As JRJ said, these companies ideas may be great, but as I had mentioned with another company, they may not be off the ground and we are the “test monkeys”

Here’s a thought for some of the vendors…

Instead of the typical “no set up fee” idea

Put your money (instead of ours) where your mouth/idea’s are. You apparently have yet another “ground breaking idea”

How about this

We (nachi members) set up an account
You “provide” a service, a couple leads, trial period whatever
If you can produce… the guys and gals here will spend money and plenty of it I’m sure.

So… instead of yet another failed offering… how about something tangible?