Engineer or not

OK need everyones thoughts here. The area in question is the front left corner right next the the bush. There is damage to the block of the foundation it looks to be washout due to the fact that the down spout was draining right on that corner. There is no damage to the porch pad or structure. My question is what do you guys think the fix would be and do you think i should call in a engineer.

Looks to me like the foundation is a little to shallow in the ground and the frost acted upon the porch foundation enough to make that parging crack.
How was the house foundation on that side.

I don’t know the frost depth in your area, but that is the first thing that came to mide.
I don’t think you need an egineer, but you might want to recommend a landscape Architect and a Concrete foundation contractor to make the repairs. :slight_smile:

Agree with Marcel, I generally call out a Foundation Contractor here if think a repair is necessary.

Thanks guys there was no other damage to the foundation just wanted to get some other opinions.

I never call out for only a foundation contractor, even when that’s all that’s needed. Maybe it’s because I’m from NY and we have a glut of starving attorneys around here.

I may offer my opinion, and definitely report on the defect. I never suggest a repair or course of action.

I always recommend follow-up by a licensed professional engineer if the clients wants further evaluation. I may mention a foundation specialist, but always insert the PE in the write up.

Why? Because in NY, only the opinion of the PE counts in court.

Whether or not the client chooses to call a PE is up to them.

I inform, they decide.

But, in reality you’re right. A foundation guy will repair this in a satisfactory manner, without much problem.

Foundations here are Engineered, and Foundation Contractors have Engineers on their Staff. :wink:

Your right Joe. Same down here. Always a PE. The rest is up to them.

Foundations here in AZ are Engineered, Foundation Contractors have their own Engineers. :wink:

Foundations here in AZ are Engineered Systems, therefore Foundation Contractors here, have their own Engineers working for them. :wink:

Calling a PE, to tell a Client they need a Foundation Contractor to make a repair is redundant, IMO.

Calling a PE, to tell a Client they need a Foundation Contractor to make a repair is redundant, IMO. :smiley:

What’s up with NY engineers? I read an article or blog (2-3 years ago) in which an NY engineer was making a case that only engineers were qualified to inspect houses!! Is this idea gaining traction? Or some P. Eng speaking out his —?

I think thats a profound statement Joe, I have been in the habit of just calling out what it is that I see, not making diagnosis of the problem or recommending a specific repair or for that matter putting into the report that a Licensed whomsoever is needed. It is clearly none of my business who is hired to make a repair, only that if I do the re inspection, the repair was done properly based on the information visible and or provided to me.

Of course nothing is written in stone and each inspection and problem that comes up is different and requires a different course of action.