engineered wood floor joists missing crush blocks, etc.

I inspect a lot of new homes in the Toronto, Ontario area for their 1 year warranty. Most of these homes use engineered wood joists (“I joists”) in the flooring.

All of the manufacturer’s literature explains the required use of crush blocks, squash blocks, backing blocks, etc. to properly distribute the loads transfered from above. Yet I don’t see their use in any of the homes I am inspecting. What am I missing?

Woody Mayne
Mayne Home Inspection Ltd.

Sounds like your missing the blocks. I inspect a lot of new homes and its scary. No one reads the literature from the manufacturer even when it comes stapled to the material in English, Spanish and more often these days French.,d.eWE&cad=rjt

Where is the blocking missing from? If it’s at the stem wall and sill plate then more than likely they used a band joist board and it is not needed with some manufactures.