Engineering Licensing Body Obtains Order Against Home Inspector

I wish them all the best .
I expect they do visit the NACHI site to improve there knowledge.
… Cooke

Excuse me Bill but you are the one who stated it and do post the most digs.

2/20/07, 6:41 PM
Bill Mullen

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Re: Do think the National Certification Good or Bad for us?
Originally Posted by rwand1

Its understandable you are proud of your accomplishments I would be too, but its a misnomer to suggest that HRSDC, realtors, and CMHC, et al, will be only recommending National Certificate Holders particularly if there are insufficient numbers of NCA holders to fill the request. Its all in the numbers.

I agree. It’s all in the numbers, and as it looks now, we’ll have the numbers to handle the demand. At the moment we have enough people qualified (not all have their certificates yet) to do 7 -10,000 inspections a month and there are enough additional inspectors now in the program to do another 20,000 to 30,000 per month. The CMHC media announcements have already started, and within one month you can expect to see major announcements of support from some very large non-governmental national organisations.

It’s all falling into place. I don’t think of it as a win for only CAHPI…it’s a win for all legitimate, competent Canadian Home Inspectors. We are now getting the recognition and respect that we’ce coveted for years.

Bill Mullen

This is what Bill said now I can not find the other information he was talking about.
Of course he likes it here so he can keep pleading for more to take the NCA.

… Cookie

I understand, Roy:

How do you get through the day with so much hate in your system, Roy? For your own sake, let it go. This constant complaining, finding fault, and accusing is like an addiction with you, and I genuinely worry about your health.

I am not going to fight you on this or anything else because it just fuels the rage within you. If you want to be around to keep helping people you should calm down and take a deep breath. Life’s too short to let these things continue to eat away at you.

I used to be like that but lately I find life is much more enjoyable without having bad thoughts about people and trying to defame them.

Bill Mullen 2/27/07, 3:38 PM Bill Mullen

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Re: Federal Pioneer

Quote: Originally Posted by rcooke Would it be possible to get an answer to how many have applied for thee
National certification
How many passed
How many failed
A break down of what associations or not they belong to
How many are giving the tests
how many are qualified to give the tests.
When the next set of tests are scheduled.
How many have applied .
What areas that all are from .

Roy Cooke

No. You had your chance.
I will not be discussing the National Certification with NACHI or its members.
Bill Mullen

Bill has said so many times (" No. You had your chance.I will not be discussing the National Certification with NACHI or its members ") and still he keeps comming back to the NACHI site and pleads for more to help him and his pet dream the NCA. …Cookie



Not once in many weeks and maybe months have I asked, let alone pleaded for anyone from here to apply to the NCA. It won’t affect me adversely if anyone else from NACHI ever joins. I admire those who do, but it’s a personal choice.

It’s been you and others who keep bringing the topic up, and all I’ve done is try to answer some questions.

However, if it will make you feel better, keep on attacking me. It won’t hurt me any but if it helps you get rid of the poison in your system, go for it.

Your barbs are nothing compared to what I receive off from some people who have real issues to discuss. Heck, you aren’t even good practice, Roy. But don’t let that stop you. I’m sure you have hundreds of quotes from me that you can dig out and use out of context. Let it all out, Roy. You’ll feel better in the morning.

Sleep tight.

Bill Mullen

Bill why do you tell us you have told us so many times I have announcement to make shortly, then you never make it .
Why do you not answer the questions asked .
Bill why do you give answers to a question like I said that once why don’t you look it up .
We all know you have not answered very many questions you just evade.
Raymond gave a list that sounded reasonable to me why do you not just answer them.
It looks like there are not the results you expected on the NCA .

… Cookie

The NCP results are less than we had hoped, but there are many reasons.
At the end of the Pilot Project, we had good reasons to expect many applications. However, a lack of support and cooperation from not only NACHI but some provincial CAHPI associations slowed down the applications considerably. However, the CAHPI groups are now back onside so we hope some recent announcements and developments will encourage more participation.

Nobody said this would be easy, but it is moving ahead slowly but surely. We all have disappointments but that’s no reason to give up.

You yourself were involved in organizing and promoting a Commercial and Thermal Imaging Course last summer that fell flat and never happened, and neither me nor anyone else has held that against you.

When we start out on a project, we never know what resistance there will be. People set goals to strive for but those goals are sometimes hard to reach, and sometimes just take a bit longer. I don’t know why a person should be ashamed if his goals efforts fall short or take a bit longer, as long as he has tried hard, and I don’t think anyone can ever accuse Claude and I of not trying hard.

Bill Mullen

Bill here are the questions Raymond posted could you please and swer them.
… Cookie…
10/31/07, 7:51 PM
Raymond E. Wand

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Re: Opinion poll on NACHI?CAPHI Certification

With all due respect this is not your game to manage (and I don’t mean that the way its sounds). Regardless what you think or I think or Roy thinks or anyone else thinks the fact is the meaningful information has not been presented. I again draw your attention to the fact that National Cert. documents are not available to anyone outside CAHPI. Why is this the case considering the program is to be open to all?

The documents I refer to are listed.

****2. National Certification Authority (NCA) ****

Table of Contents
National Certification Program Governance
NCP Co ordinator Transition Report
NCP Questions and Answers
Certification Process Map
National Certification Council Code of Conduct
Certification Application
Application Instructionson
Application French
National Accreditation Council Terms of Reference
National Accreditation Council Procedures
Accreditation Application
Standards for Accreditation
Course Accreditation Worksheet
Application for Equivalency
TIPR Guidelines
TIPR Overeview Applicants
TIPR Overview Examiner
Fee Summary

Again I fail to see why on earth these documents are not publicly available simply from the point of view that the Canadian Publics monies were used to bring this program to fruition. There has to be a logical explanation for the reasoning.

Not trying to bust ya Bill but trying to calmly and politely seeking answers. I also believe Bill the decisions are coming from someone that has more say or power than you do. Thus your best efforts are only as good as the person who is refraining you and Claude from releasing the info.

Please take this post in the manner its meant which is not meant to be insultive.


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I don’t think there is a real question there. Raymond asks for the documents but he has posted a link to each one. A person merely has to click on each link to get the documents. That isn’t hard and it sure isn’t hiding anything.

Bill Mullen

Where is this open canuck forum can anyone provide a link please

Sure, go to and register. It’s a privately owned forum so there is a fee to be paid. We already have several NACHI members so you are welcome. The forum is not aligned with any particular association.

One year 25.00 Two years 40.00
Five years $ 75.00

Send your cheque to Bill Mullen, Suite 405 - 546 North Christina Street, Sarnia, Ont. N7T 5W6.

Bill Mullen



You might as well know right now before you join the Canuck list one of the golden rules is you cannot be a Mole, nor are you permitted to copy or forward any posts off the Canuck list under penalty of removal.


Those documents should have been posted by you! They are all on CAHPI letterhead. CMHC made it quite clear in their letter CAHPI was to ensure fairness and openess in the Nat. Cert. Process.

I have done that which you as a spokesman for CAHPI was obilgated to do. Once again you continaully show you are witholding info to suit your own agenda. As I have oft said you are in no position as is anyone else in CAHPI to withold info.

Shame on you and shame on Guihan for allowing you to run the Nat. Cert. to you standards.

How can you say I or anyone witheld information when it’s obviously in the public domain or you wouldn’t have it?

CAHPI has gone far beyond the requirements of CMHC or anyone else to be fair.

You don’t make the rules any more than I do. By the way, at no time did I report to Mr. Guihan, so don’t blame him.

Bill Mullen

And why is that a problem? It is a PRIVATELY owned forum and if people don’t want to abide by the rules they shouldn’t join. It’s pretty simple. I own the forum, and I make the rules. I have never pretended that it was a democracy, although I have always kept it fair.

Bill Mullen

For you to say it is public Domain as your excuse is deplorable .
What home inspector in Canada could know where to find this information If it had not been for Raymond I would never have seen it .
Regardless whether you have reported to Mr Guihan is not the issue as President on CAHPI he should know what is going on and if he does not then that is yours and his fault .
The buck stops at the top in all associations.

… Cookie

Yes you are correct it is your forum and you make and break the rules as you wish Fish of one and Fowl of another you have done this constantly.

… Cookie

"How can you say I or anyone witheld information"

You are very funny when you want to be!

You own nothing for not of the people paying for a privilege to be told how you usurp the rules when the cause suits the agenda.

It sure is strange how you can call people liars but when you are called a liar its a whole different ball game.

Your Canuck list is nothing but a bunch of self centred *** kissers, who when they do have the guts to speak up are dumbed on.

It just like the time your cronies called another member a child molester. You didn’t remove your buddy for calling the other member a child molester.