Enjoy this disaster

Thought you guys would like to have some fun with this. What DONT you see wrong.

What do you see wrong besides the apparent damage to the insulation in photo #2?

Are those panels mounted sideways or are your photos?

Its just the photos. What a train wreck.


Do you like the way the service junction box is supported? Do you like the cover on the box? Do you think the double tap on the breaker is okay?

Which (if either) of those panels is the service equipment? The neutrals are bonded to the boxes at both panels.

This was a 3 family, 3 separate main panels and 2 of the panels had sub panels at the living level. I didn’t post all the photos.

And what is in that third panel to the right in pic #3.


That is the main panel for the third apartment.

No, sorry Mark, I looked at the wrong photo. This pic shows all 3 panels. The one on the left is the main panel with individual circuit breakers for one apt., the other two are main panels that feed sub panels at the other 2 apartments.

How would one know if the cover was on the box if your photo was depicting what’s inside the box? Now that you’ve mentioned it the support is pretty lousy. I can’t see any double taps on the CB’s but that could be because of the photo quality.

Is the double tap on the main breaker a problem?

Yes, and why is there only 120 volt hooked up? Are those unused feeds live?


Yes it is unused. Only 1 serviced feed connected at the panel. Now the question is, (a)did the feed in the service junction box overheat because each of the 3 panels was “jumped out” this way, or (b)because the service feed was bad, they only had 110 to feed the panels? If the answer is (a), then why would they wire the panels like that in the first place?

OK now I see it. Yes that is a problem. Not sure why someone would do that. Could lead to a huge problem since all of those 3-wire MWBC’s will be on the same phase sharing a neutral. The neutral load could be up to 40 amps if those two circuits were protected at 20 amps each.

Can you say grow-op?

Dwayne, are you serious? If so, how would that be related?