Enjoy this month's inspector cartoon. References InterNACHI BTW.

Always funny, funny because they’re true.

Nick, the new cartoon is sooo true! I have been to countless FABI seminars in Florida over the years. Few had any kind of test.

I remember one seminar in particular spent a whole Saturday afternoon teaching how to monitor silt fence installations on jobsites. I spent that afternoon drinking beer poolside.

I quit FABI several yrs ago. The 1/4ly seminars had decreased in quality and relevance and the money spent to attend was easily $500 to $600.

Yep. The anti-online training crowd needs to read: http://www.nachi.org/classroomsharm.htm and http://www.nachi.org/online-beats-classroom.htm

Colleges and Universities throughout the U.S. continue to invite me to give a lecture to their professors on this one little article I wrote a few years back: http://www.nachi.org/examsthatharm.htm