Enjoy this month's inspector cartoon.

Ya, I had a buyer’s Realtor call me today. She said, just read your well report and you said there was bacteria in the well. I responded, yes the state lab report said there was Coliform bacteria in the water. She responded, there is bacteria in all of these wells in this area, did you test it right? #-o
Interpretation: You just might have killed my deal and I need to blame somebody.

My favorite cartoon, released when ASSHI and the mini-minneapolis association where considering merging, is this one: http://www.nachi.org/images08/association-merger.jpg :stuck_out_tongue:

I finally got that one Nick. It would help if the two guys in the little boats had something written on their boats, because I didn’t know it was referencing another couple of associations merging, but now that you said that, it is very funny. Maybe this cartoon was accompanied by an article? Cartoons are not funny if they need an explanation.