Enjoy this month's inspector cartoon.

LOL, i actually get the “do you have experience with old homes”, up here I’ve done several over 100 and quite a few over 200 years old.

When I lived in Kimberton, PA… I lived in a home owned by King George.

Thats cool, i really enjoy the old ones. I was in an 1826 and a 1696 this year.

I had another early 1800’s sale fall through and the inspection was cancelled, but from what I understand the spiral stairs are so steep and tight there’s no rail, just a rope going down the middle. I’d have liked to see that (If I could fit up there, lol.)

Thanks Nick!
It is OK to share these on our facebook pages right?

Yes. Ted Glover has always graciously extended our use of his cartoons to individual members. Thank him when you get a chance.

That’s right. NACHI members are allowed to use my Homey cartoons on Facebook, other social media or their own newsletters, websites etc.

Thanks for asking.

Ted Glover

Thanks, Ted!