Enjoy this month's Inspector eNewsletter for February 2014

Enjoy this month’s Inspector eNewsletter for February 2014.

Good newsletter this month. So much stuff in there!

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Will do.

Looks more like an advertisement than a newsletter this month, sorry guys but didn’t see much content.

The top featured item was to our new free 40,000 word inspection business course. It’s one of our largest inspection courses in terms of content (perhaps our largest in terms of content). It took us over a year to develop this course. The newsletter also contains a link to a video.

Second item was how to get a free CMI photo ID card. Not really an ad, because it is free.

Third item was to a free upcoming "How to Inspect a Roof webinar. The webinar will have lots of technical content.

Fourth item was how to get a free inspection logo. Includes a link to a video.

Fifth item was an article on how to build an inspection website. It isn’t very long but the content of the article is very good.

Sixth item was how to get a case of inspection books.

Ninth item was updates to our free online inspection agreement. Our online inspection agreement system is totally free, so I don’t consider it to be an ad. More and more members rely on it.

Tenth item was an article on marketing for inspectors. It’s not a long article but the content is good.

Twelfth item was an inspection graphic of a water heater standpipe and a link to the free inspection graphics library. The content is mostly visual. I think we’ve spent over $300,000.00 in developing the free graphics library and we’re constantly adding to it.

Thirteenth item was to our free incoming call converter to help members land more inspections. I don’t consider it to be an ad because it’s totally free. It’s got redacted content so that you can use the tool while talking to a potential client on the phone.

Fifteenth item was to a talk I’m giving to inspectors.

Sixteenth item was to a 14-hour, 35,000-word mold course that was approved for mold assessors. It has more content in it than you’ll ever need to do a mold test, it’s been awarded many approvals and is totally free.

Seventeenth item was about our free energy reporting software. I don’t consider it to be an ad because the software is free.

Eighteenth item was to our free inspection marketing cards and our ARELLO approval for the free course. I don’t consider it to be an ad because the cards are free.

Nineteenth item was about a talk to inspectors I am giving.

Twenty first item was to details about FEMA inspections.

The rest (right column) are ads but even most of them include information or discounts or announcements or something generally of interest to inspectors.

When you say you “didn’t see much content” can you explain what sort of content you are looking for if not enormous courses, books, articles, updates, graphics, videos, upcoming talks and an upcoming webinar?