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good stuff!

I like the news letter feature

Me too.

Instead of resorting to the same old seasonal tips that everyone’s heard a hundred times, InterNACHI will build each monthly issue based on a simple checklist that you’ll fill out for each client.

Choose from over 50 different items (each one optional), such as:

  • faulty GFCIs
  • moisture intrusion
  • deck issues
  • HVAC problems

So their first issue may include:

  • “An Introduction to GFCIs”
  • “How to Prevent Moisture Issues”
  • “An Illustrated Guide to Decks”
  • “Increasing Heating and Cooling Efficiency”
  • and more!

Each subsequent issue will include customized information. You entered that your client has a pool? One issue will include pool maintenance tips. How about dogs? Another issue will cover pet safety in the home. You get the picture.

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