Enough air?

I hope you can see at the bottom right corner of pic, that is the only fresh air allowed. Their are to return air vents coming into the furnace on two walls. Should the door for this room have louvers, for added air intake?


Here’s what I’d say:

“Combustion air (“make-up air”) is required for gas burning appliances at a rate of 50 cu ft / 1000 BTU or else external ventilation is required. Due to the room size, that requirement may not be met (sizing calculations were not conducted). External ventilation openings should be within 12 inches (305 mm) of the top of the enclosure, and one within 12 inches (305 mm) of the bottom of the enclosure. No external ventilation was provided (or use your ownt words here). Inadequate supply of combustion air results in incomplete combustion; products of incomplete combustion include carbon monoxide. This room housing the furnace may be inadequately ventilated for the purposes of providing combustion air and we recommend an evaluation and repair by a licensed HVAC contractor.”