Enough Overspray??

maybe just a little more will do :stuck_out_tongue:

No excuse for that…whack his pee pee.


Good pic Chris.
I average 1 weekly. Last time when I tried to explain the seller looked at me like I had three heads.
Then later on he told us he washed off the paint. I told him the panel was 4 months old & he voided the manufacturer’s warranty. Water also can have contaminants.
He told me BS! The paint he washed off was water based so it’s OK.

Oh my, I believe you. I also see it often but this one is about the worst. I showed the buyer (an insurance agent) and RE agent. I really didn’t even need to explain why this is wrong. They both got it immediately with OMG. The REA, who I work with a lot, said if it was her house she’d be calling whomever remodeled the basement.

That is not paint, it’s spray texture. It can probably be cleaned with a dry towel, but will have to come apart to do so. They should have just left the cover on…