Entrance requirements increased again. Exam passing cut-off score raised to 80.


Many thanks to John Bowman and Blaine Wiley for supporting this latest increase in our entrance requirements.

An additional plumbing course is in the works.

Keep the courses coming

Wow Nick. That’s great that you have supported all the new great documents from the BOD and MAB including this…


Jay, that one seems fine to me. I think Joe Farsetta and I had an issue with the a separate draft http://www.nachi.org/mabesopc060504.htm which forced ESOP Board members run for election, an idea that is contrary to our efforts to keep them independent. Federal judges are appointed for life (don’t have to run for re-election) for good reason.

Anyway, Chris finished all the back-end work to increase the exam passing cut-off mark to 80 now http://exams.nachi.org/stats.php (real time data). Old exam stats are archived at: http://exams.nachi.org/stats75.html

The applications have been upgraded to reflect the additional requirements as well.

I hope whoever is writting the plumbing exam doesn’t forget about sewage grinder pumps & sewage wells.

I have seen HI call them out as a second sump pump. I have also seen HI miss Di-electric unions on hot water heaters.

Don’t forget well pumps, pressure tanks, water softeners and other filter devices.

Come to think of it this will be a large course… Direct drain for cloths washers should be a 2" minimum. anti-siphen devices on outdoor spigots, low flow devices, Temp/pressure regulating shower mixers requirements for new construction, etc.

I didn’t forget about recalls on types of plumbing pipe.

yes, and since they are appointed for life, the constitution is a mere thing of wax…thomas jefferson.


The elections are good for NACHI. There are term limits set. I hope when you mean “an idea that is contrary to our efforts” you mean Nick and Farsetta.

Blaine, John, Paul, and 8 MAB members are in favor of it. The current poll in the MO section is 75% in favor. It is time for you to accept reality. You have buried the hatchet with ASHI. It is time to bury the current ESOP practices. You called me to end the Farsetta/Bowman fiasco and I told you then as I do now, NACHI is bigger than one or two people. It is driven by leadership. The MAB crafted a practice that will no only enhance the benefits of membership by allowing anyone who qualifies to run for a position for the MAB and ESOP committees. We will not allow a vendor to dictate the NACHI agenda. The membership asked and the MAB delivered. Please endorse the MAB documents as they will increase the legitimacy of our organization.

EXCELLENT…Electrical Course is REQUIRED NOW…Great NEWS
NOW raise it’s minimum passing score to 80 as well…:slight_smile:

I disagree. Just the test and the higher score is good, nothing else. All the other requirements are good also but an electric test? If you want an electric test as a requirement then wait for all the tests to use like plumbing roofing,foundations,roof,hvac,etc. Maybe finances,marketing and maybe how to succeed in business.

Our main inspection exam covers all topics. The other SOP course, the Electrical course, and the Roofing Course (which are all part or our membership requirements) all have quizzes and and a final exam for each as well.

I argued some time ago to make a Home Inspection Marketing Course a membership requirement as it does no one any good to have a technically great inspector go out of business, but lost that argument to the crowd that thinks only technical courses are important.

Can’t win them all.

Federal judges (and only Federal) are appointed for life but they have to be confirmed by the Senate first and the Senate is elected. What elected body confirmed the chair of the ESOPC? Your analogy does not work.

The proposal I was given weirdly attempts to replace a sitting Chair of the one and only independent committe at NACHI, the Ethics Committee, a committee that should arguably remain free from the conflict of having its chair be forced to run in a popularity contest held by the members whom he must rule in favor or against, a position which has corporate and governmental counterparts that have historically been unelected for good reason…


and again weirdly…

makes no mention about the many other positions at NACHI which seem to be suited for a general election.

Certainly one who favors elections on principal would first argue for elections of positions that carry no necessity of independence. To do otherwise raises suspicion of motive. Some who posted tonight removed all suspicion by outright confessing a malice toward the current office holder as their motive for supporting a proposal that oddly targets our sole independent body first.

I thought that the chair of the ESOP committee did not rule on any complaints? His only input is in case of a tie.

“excerp from wendys email response from Joe F. concerning an ethics question”


Joe is the Judge, Jury and executioner and has been for a long time.:frowning: