Entry Deck and Stairway

Deficiencies to multiple to list.
Demo and Replace…

and more…

This stairway is the only entry available to the 2nd and 3rd floor units…

It’s wild how many decks and built wooden entries show many of these deficiencies.

The 4x4 posts being stacked, not attached and with broken load paths amazed me the most for a three story structure.

And that would mean the only exit also, right?:slight_smile:

Amazing what the City of Philadelphia

Philadelphia Inspections are always entertaining

Here’s one similar I did last week. Disaster waiting to happen.

Quotes from a FHA appraisal report a few days after my inspection.
“the rear deck deck appears to be settling” …that’s all that was mentioned.

I like pic 3, timber post balancing on 4X4’s.

Wow! Tear down in order. :):wink:

Wow. That is one real piece of work Mr. Hagarty.
Some one is going to die.

Question Marcel.
I was asked by a bank to do an inspection. I was accepted but then the back reneged because I would not state in my report whether the building should be demolished or not.
I explained to them I would get comprehensive estimation from 3 contractors in the area and that was the best I could do. Also I would be able to supply my own evaluation because I own a government registered repair company.
I could not cross the lines of my SOP.
Was I right or wrong Marcel?
I am still thinking of the lost opportunity and do not wish to close doors that might be fruitful later on down the road.
Thank you…Robert

I recieved emails from Client and Agent today
That the structure was Inspected by the City of Philadelphia…

They are requiring that since this is the only entrance to structure, that it must be an enclosed structure…

Client is concerned about adding an enclosure
around the existing structure
that is structurally deficient…

My recommendation
was to Demo and Replace…
The City approves existing structure provided an additional repair is made to enclose the structure.

this may get interesting…

Keep us informed.
I would love to see the inspector that OK’S even modifications that too that death trap.

Sometimes buildings are in such disrepair, that it would cost more to fix it than to repair.
I would just say that the conditions observed have shown that it is beyond repair to make the structure safe by the occupants and needs to be replaced.
In so many words, you are indirectly saying it is a tear down.
Replace means just that, in order to replace, you have to tear it down. :slight_smile:

Thanks Marcel.