Enviromental solutions Radon licensing course

Has anyone taken there course? Thinking about taking it but I would like some info on what to expect. Is it worth it / good course or should I look for something else.

You can expect to get Spammed at every opportunity on every email address (business and PERSONAL) that you have for eternity by the SCUMBAG SPAMMING ****HEADS known as ESA!!!

DO NOT even contact them in any way, shape, or form! Once you do, you are F*CKED!!!

Why? The InterNACHI course is approved by the NRPP and works for many states licenses. Unless Ohio requires an in person class, I would take advantage of a free course offered by this fine organization.

Environmental solutions will spam you to death.

Thanks for the responses guys. I have already found out about the spammer the hard way. I’m kind of screwed though, Ohio really has no idea what the hell they are doing. Ohio has zero regulations for home inspectors or mold inspectors however, they regulate the hell out of radon testing. To top it off Ohio mandates an in class course but in their infinite wisdom they approved zero courses that are in state. Environmental solutions is in PA but they are doing a course in Columbus.
So unless I want to travel hundreds of miles I really have no other choice but to take their course.
I have taken InterNACHI’s radon course so I feel the enviro solutions course should be a breeze. Just curious what to expect and what the test is like.

That sounds like a fiasco. I still highly recommend the InterNACHI class. It is a great training tool and may make the ESA class not so painful.

Best of luck to you!

That’s good to know. I’m in Ohio too and haven’t looked that far into it yet. Thanks:)

I did take NACHI’s radon course.