Environmental Report Service

Is there a service than can provide a client with an environmental report of their area?


Check with your county agricultural extension office, or land office/department. You can also check with the code enforcement office. Most counties have this type of office to go to.

Try this site by zip code. http://www.epa.gov/epahome/commsearch.htm

**Neighborhood Environmental



…and another source is www.edrnet.com

Thanks guys. Client must think there’s lava under the property. :lol:

There is. :twisted:

It’s just really deep. :smiley:






The EDR Neighborhood Environmental Report uses the same databases that EDR uses for their Commercial Phase 1 reports. EDR provides report data for most companies doing Phase 1 site assessments for commercial real estate transactions. I use them for my residential side and the company I referr all my Commercial Phase 1 Site Assessments uses them to get all their data.

They have a program set up for home inspectors and it costs a couple of hundred bucks for the training and account set up. They have been around for a while and so has the Neighborhood Environmental Report. If you plan on offering the service, get in touch with me and I tell you how I am making it work for me. They also offer some marketing materials too.