EPA Questions Climate Change Science

UPDATE: Obama EPA blocks its own report questioning ‘climate change’…

Read the most recent paper on his site:

He’s not a “global warming skeptic”, he’s worried that the effects of AGW may be much**worse **that current consensus projections, and that the only way to control it will be massive engineering projects to to reduce the amount amount of solar radiation reaching the earth in order to counter-act the effects of increasing levels of greenhouse gases:

(Excerpt) This Article finds that the emissions reduction approach would be
ineffective at solving the dangerous climate change effects of global warming
because it would be technically risky, inflexible, extremely expensive,
and politically unrealistic, and would probably delay more effective and
vastly less expensive measures using solar radiation management.”

Is this where the little birdie comes in and says “the sky is falling

Koo-koo , koo-koo, koo-koo!