epic fail

Help me ! I just took the online inspector exam and failed. Where can I look up information on the topics that I failed in. To be honest there questions in every catagory that I had no idea what the answer would be and had not covered it in the SOP course.

Try Google with your questions and see what it shows you .

The proctored exam or the practice exam?

Try taking the courses (roofing, electrical, plumbing, etc) first.

The standards of practice course is just one of many of classes you may want to take before you take the test.

This is where I have a problem with national HI exams.

The hard questions that are asked are for favored-ASHI inspectors to answer. Even when the question will never pertain to a home inspection, most exams are to weed-out the good, NACHI inspectors. Most national tests favor ASHI guys. This is another reason that ASHI promotes state licensing: to get inspectors to take THEIR test and to pay for ASHI training.

IMO, Nick should set up regional training centers, to teach inspectors the right things, and perhaps set up a good, competent national test of his own.

FYI, I have NEVER taken ANY national exam. I was in business for over 15 years, thousands of inspection, and never was sued due to a home inspection or a home inspection report.

The OP said “online exam” which leads me to believe he is talking about InterNACHI’s. Not the NHIE.

NACHI online exams are OK, but taking tests do not make a home inspector. Programs for a high number of ride-a-longs should be included, such as appraisers. However, a programs as this, it would be training your competition. IMO, national exams are a joke.

InterNACHI Online Inspector Examination. The frustrating part is that I feel like you are set up for failure. I was instructed to take that test as a placement exam prior to even taking the class. Then when I contacted the instructor his responce was expect to have to study extra hard before and after class to be ready for the state exam.

Correct. I am registered for a local class that starts in the 16th anf was instructed to take these online exams before arriving.

What local class, where at? Is it one of those 3-5 day crash courses?