Episode 24 - Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

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Episode 24 - Search Engine Optimization Tutorial
Home Inspector Pro’s Dominic Maricic gives tips on how to optimize your home inspection website to increase your business.

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If anyone has questions on the SEO discussed in this video, ask away!

Hi Dom,

How often should we make changes to our keywords? I went to the top of the list when I did it several months ago, but I notice that I continue to fall back as time passes.

Hi Greg,

Once you get your keywords right, you don’t need to change them at all. In fact most search engines rank keywords low on their priority list. It’s best if you do have different keywords on each page though.

If your rank’s dropping there’s a few reasons.

  1. Your site is static. Search engines like sites with fresh content. Start blogging, adding pages , etc.

  2. You don’t have enough links to your site, or your competition is getting more. Each link to you is a ‘vote’ for your site.

  3. Google and the other search engines change their ranking algorithms continuously. Something that worked for you a few months ago might not be working now.

Hello DM. Thanks to your keyword and other advice, my website is in the top three for a Google search of “victoria home inspection” or “home inspector victoria”. :cool::cool:

But, when someone tries “home inspection victoria BC”, there are four pages of webresults, mostly realtors, who use “victoria, bc, home” for keywords and maybe one “inspection” somewhere on their home page. Anyway, these other pages are bumping me way down the list. A while back, I added “bc” keywords to several of my pages including index page and got no results. Any suggestions?

John Kogel

Like to see if I am corect , but you may need a hyphen between home and inspection if the SE is seeing it as two seperate words.

Some one correc tme if wrong.

Actually, there’s no need for the hyphen.

You need to remove all those | from your page title. Make it: Home Inspections in Victoria BC, Sidney, Sookey ,etc.

Reflect the same in your page description. Right now your description is: ""All Safe Home Inspection, Home Inspector, Providing superior service and excellence in the home inspection industry. " . This is no good. No one is searching for your company name and you have no cities listed. Copy the above.

Your keywords are: “home inspections, house, building, inspectors, Victoria BC, Sooke, Duncan” " I’d change them to “victoria bc home inspections, sookie home inspector, home inspector in duncan, Sidney home inspection”

That should get you going in the right direction!

Darnit Dom
I assumed he had it as quoted (home inspection victoria BC).

The comma acts a, s a seperator

I see what you’re saying. Quoting stuff when you type it in to google is fine. But you quoting stuff on your website doesn’t have the same affect. Google looks for the words next to each other no matter what.

Thanks guys. DM, it is Sooke, not Sookey, but what would a dude from Rancho Kookamunga know anyway? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sooke Sookey Hockey. Whateva! Don’t you want to stand out among your peers? Start a new trend, add a y!

Actually, my peers all wannabe in Victoria city, so I’m already outstanding, 20 miles to the west!


Is this video not available anymore? Does anyone have the URL to this video?

Thank You

After 6 years, things have changed 10-fold, and much is no longer relevant.

Tony they took it down awhile ago when they redid their videos. I have a bunch of articles I’ve written on www.homeinspectorpro.com on the left side. Click on Website Optimization Articles.

Thanks Dominic. Lot of good info.

No problem Frank, glad to help.

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