Episode 50 - Mold Inspection Training, Part I

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NACHI.TV just released a new episode:

Episode 50 - Mold Inspection Training, Part I
The purpose of the course is to define and teach good practice for conducting a mold inspection of a building. The student will learn how to find and report mold growth that may exist in a building using a visual examination and mold sampling of the building. The student will learn: what mold is; the IAC2 Mold Inspection Standards of Practice; health effects related to mold exposure; what mold needs to grow; how to perform a visual examination of a building to find mold; the IAC2 Mold Sampling Decision Chart; the IAC2 Mold Sampling Procedures; proper use of tools, equipment and PPE; hypotheses development; building science and moisture; sampling devices and procedures; documentation of work; laboratory result interpretation; mold remediation; report writing; preventing mold growth. Dr. Shane, chief mycologist at Pro-Lab®, is a guest expert of the course and demonstrates how to use mold sampling equipment and devices. This course is a requirement for membership in IAC2 (www.IAC2.org).

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I love this new forum.

I like the links on the left blue boarder “NACHI.TV” and “Advanced Video Education.” This should clear some things up about what NACHI.TV offers for CE courses and professional training.

It is a Great forum Nick!!
Chris M. did a very good job!


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Nick just told me on another threadthat you (NACHI Tv) do not offer professional training.

He said that NACHI Tv simply provides video service to NACHI’s on-line courses, in a partnership with NACHI, to provide professional training.

He said the only thing NACHI Tv produces on its own is the free infomercials (my term). At least, this is how I interpreted his indirect answers to direct question.

InterNACHI provides online education in partnership with NACHI.TV. InterNACHI is the education vendor in that we co-develop the course material and manage the testing/certificate/logging. NACHI.TV provides video technology, production and co-development.

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