Episode 54 - Joe Ferry and Ken Compton on Marketing

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Episode 54 - Joe Ferry and Ken Compton on Marketing
Guest host Joe Ferry is joined by Ken Compton of Home Inspector Startup & Growth to discuss marketing tips that will help grow your inspection business.

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Anyone ever try using this guys service for home inspection business growth? I have heard mixed reviews, and alot people from other boards I have spoke to that say his ideas are out there, and have had little sucess with them. Just my .02

Randy, Randy, Randy…if someone was to tell you the sky was falling would you believe them?

It has been my experience that anything iNACHI has been involved with is all good dude!

$1 worth dude

Randy would likely believe the sky is falling if he chose to sit beside you and listen to your bull.

Would I believe the sky is falling hmm…I dont think so, but generally I gather multiple opinions from different people to come to a conclusion for myself and as expressed I have spoke to quite a few people and have heard mixed reviews. Frank, Frank, Frank…maybe, just maybe…you didnt read the question quite well enough. That is great that you feel INACHI is involved with great things (I dont entirely disagree) but that was NOT the question. Have you used his services, or know anyone that has? If not, your opinion does not hold much weight with me. Anyone that has…feel free to chime in.

Its more hype and Joe Ferry seems to be following in Nicks footsteps. Once a lawyer and now sponging off the vendors and the good Nachi members who buy into the hype. Personally having a background in advertising I was surprised to hear some of the bull that this Compton dude presented!

I know what you mean…I cant say to much about INACHI because to be honest I just don’t entirely know everything but it does certainly seems like more and more people are entering the inspection industry and trying to make a buck off all of the good HI’s, and give very little if any back to the industry. This frustrates me because, everyone out there that is trying to better this industry are getting overcasted by all of the inspection schools turning out more and more inspectors and all of these different vendors and so-called marketing gurus trying to make a buck. It is really ruining the industry slowly every year, in my opinion.

One has to look no further than some of the schools which promise the moon about getting into the profession. Exaggerated claims about income, number of inspections, training. This one of the prime examples why we need licencing. I have yet to see any so called professional body police itself, and where pretty much anything goes.

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I just wanted to thank you for everything you do for home inspectors.
I just watched the recent video with you and Joe Ferry on the NACHI board,
about marketing your home inspection business. The information you gave for
FREE was so incredibly valuable. I was actually waiting for the video to
cut off right before you gave some important “tidbits” and then being
directed to a “join now for the rest of the information.” However, that was
not the case and instead ended up with an impressive amount of advice on how
to boost my business.

I know they say you get what you pay for, however, this was not the case.
You were very generous with your knowledge, and in these times, that is very
much appreciated.


Peter W. Bennett

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Yeah, the part in video about those who have leaky basements can just paint the inside of basement wall was is incredibly-valuable…and for FREE too. What a bonus!
Instead of locating/diagnosing how n where the water gets into the basement wall, just paintem. We`ll try hard to remember that valuable free advice.

Maybe this engineering firm could have used that super duper paint advice.May have saved the school many thousands eh

1.0 Executive summary
…tuckpoint cracks in exterior bricks…
…repair of termite damaged stair and water damaged doorway in the basement…strongly suspect floor framing decay…foundation wall in this area should be waterproofed

Hmm, why not just paint the basement wall in this area? lolOloLololOll

NACHI (Nick) has announced that NACHI is no longer a home inspector association. In other posts, he proclaims NACHI to be the leader in “inspector” eductation.

Until such time there is accreditation…separating the wheat from the chaffe among the contributors to inspector education…NACHI will provide its unsubstantiated claimes of greatness along with its videos proclaiming that water heaters manufactured more recently than 2004 should be replaced, inspectors should enter tight and wet crawl spaces, and other turds of wisdom of similar non-value.

P.T. Barnum would be proud of the way that NACHI has proven his famous birthrate statistic.

Jim writes:

Uh,… note the right hand column of www.nachi.org/education.htm