Episode 72 - Performing a Garage Inspection

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Episode 72 - Performing a Garage Inspection
In this video Kenton Shepard demonstrates how to perform a comprehensive garage inspection.

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Thanks Chris, and as usual, very good videos. :slight_smile:

I thought the presentation was very informative. I would like to point out that often in areas which have high wind potentials the doors may have been subjected to pressures which have caused the door skins (metal)to delaminate from the stuctural support members. Inspectors should be aware of this and check the panels to see if this has occurred by pushing on the skin at the points of attachment.

well done i am so used to checking auto reverse by hand i had forgotten about the 2x4. you may want to mention something about the osb board. it appears that it is being used as a strucural panel. while it can be installed either horizontally or vertically the edges must be blocked with nominal 2" lumber (catted)