Equine Thermography

Any one know of a good book on Equine Thermography which would give an Equine Thermograher an idea of what he is seeing in his images? i.e. Some of the more common ailments and how they are diagnosed w/IR etc.

Check with David Anderson. I believe he is performing this service. That and check with this gal. http://www.thermohorse.com/

Good luck. That is the direction I will be heading next year.

Yup, contact David Andersen: http://www.thermalimagingscan.com/

Easily the best training for this application is with United Infrared. www.unitedinfrared.com.

Level I is a pre-req.


Go to EquineIR.com and contact Peter Hopkins.
Sign-up and get the proper training. It’s worth it.
If you not a vet, you don’t want to go there.

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Contact John McKenna, I hear he’s got a new Equine IR Certification class in the works.

I hope so because I’ve signed up for the upcoming Orlando equine class in January. Peter got the horses from the Medieval Knights Dinner/Performance lined up for training. Sounds like it might be kinda fun. I’ll get some great blogging material out of it if anything.

Thanks everyone for the input. I am a Level 1 Thermograher and attended John McKennas presentation in Canada in addition to several other classes and presentations. John is fun and informative. Well worth the time, money and effort.

Just so there is no confusion to the readers and other posters. EquineIR and United Infrared are the same thing. UI trains in modules, and EquineIR is one of their modules.

I already know you know this Peter, just didn’t want anyone else to wonder what the deal was when going to two different sites with the same training.

The UI modules all require level I as a pre-req. To my knowledge UI does not training Level X, so that will have to come from elsewhere.