I have been requested to put together a proposal to inspect a sorority. The square footage is apx. 18,000. It is not for a sale but to get a better idea on what’s needed for maintenance of the building. Any suggestions on pricing? I’d be interested in talking with another inspector who would like to help me on this project. It’s in AnnArbor MI.

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Contact Vince Santos, Step By Step Inspections at

or call him at (734)-748-9584

He’s in southeast Michigan. Canton, I think.

He’s been around for a while and seems fairly level headed.

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Melanie and I inspected a fraternity that lost it’s charter and was sold. It was 16,000 sq.ft. It took two full days of looking and a third day to polish up the report and deliver it to the buyer’s group. We charged $1700. There were a few suprises, like a major flea infestation that interrupted the inspection for a good bombing, and vandalism. Good luck.