Errors and Omissions

A must have or do you use waivers?? Thanks Dave

Yes a must have in my opinion.

It depends, in Ohio you don’t need it to perform home inspections but you do have to carry it to perform WDO inspections.

I kind of view it like life insurance, or home owners insurance.

I can’t afford to lose my home and keep making payments on it. My wife can’t afford to live if I die.

If you can take those hits you don’t need those types of insurance.

I can’t afford a lawsuit from a psycho, so I got professional liability insurance, and an umbrella policy.

It will depend on if you are in a licensed State and if they require E&O or not.
I carry E&O because I have to and General Liability in case I break an expensive item.

Dave, I would be more than happy to talk to you about your question on if you should carry E&O or not. Feel free to give me a call today to discuss.

Juan nailed it. Carry insurance.