Has anyone else taken the CSST course offered by Environmental Solutions? I took this course about a five weeks ago, it is a course that simply teaches you how to identify the manufacturer of CSST piping installed in a home. The purpose is to identify and report the CSST and receive a $50 fee for finding and reporting what you found. I think it is tied to a class action law suit - not sure.
Anyway I paid the $90 course fee and have never received the inspection app that is needed for reporting. They answered one email stating they had some software glitches and the program will be out soon. Since then they have not answered or returned phone calls or emails.
Has anyone else tried this course?

ESA (Environmental Solutions) have a very bad reputation. Nothing more than Spamers.

You’re lucky they only got $90 from you. I, and I’m sure many others here, recommend that you stay far, far, away from these *** holes.

Also report them to any and all that you can.

I am witth Chris, EA are Shi/t Fuc.kers and that Aaron Wise Punk needs his face smashed in. Did I mention I don’t like them and would never do any biz with them?

They offer nothing that you cannot get Here at NACHI.


They got me many years ago and no way will I let that happen again.

Jim you shouldn’t hold back on your feelings so much… It’s not good for ya…:slight_smile:

NEVER get involved with anything that ESA offers. They are spammers and liars. Once they have your information, you may never get rid of them. Drop them from any and all lists or online links as quickly as you can.

Aaron Wise this is the person that “POS” was created after. Run ,far and fast and don’t look back

Did I miss something? Is there something wrong with CSST, other than it needing to be grounded/bonded?


Just another reason why everyone needs to avoid **SCUMBAG VENDORS **like **ESA **!!!

Oh I was just being nice to the little weasel.:wink:


Don’t it makes him look good

I am with James and Chris and am sick of getting e-mails from this group and Aron Wise keeps throwing every other employee at me.
BTW I checked this thread because I seen ESA and thought this was a course from Electrical Safety Authority not some Sun of a motherless goat looking for extra money as a vendor.

Also do not let Anyone from ESA connect with you on LinkedIn. There are several male and female members. Once they connect with you the “privilege” to send constant emails follows.

Oh I was just being nice to the little weasel.


I am now getting their emails. I went straight to the un-subscribe. Thanks for the heads up guys.

LOL. IF they actually had an unsubscribe link, chances are it did not work. AND, even if it did work, they ignore the request. Welcome to the world of SPAMMING CO**SUCKERS at ESA.

Good luck with that! :frowning:

Exactly…Aaron Wise from Environmental Solutions is a prolific SPAMMER.

Have unsubscribed as well. Will see if that works. If not, I think I will return the favor by forwarding all the other junk mail to them.

I took the same CSST course, but took it through, IES, and was very happy with the results.
I immediately received the software and my certificate.
The software is available through the playstore on android devices, if you search CSST and you can write CSST reports right on your phone.
I have already done over 30 inspections using this software and everything is very easy to understand and looks wonderful.
You can find the course at