esay on ethects

I have just opened my new home inspection business. I have gone to every real estate office in my area talking to agents trying to get them to use me as there go to inspector. Two weeks have gone by and nothing not even a phnoe call. Then I get a call, its joe from the abc real estate company, joe says he has a real dump of a house he says he realy needs to move this house and wants me to make up a good and clean report and that he would pay me my regular fee. And also he nows that I had been a contractor for many years and he could hook me up with some work on that house to fix some small items to make the report look lajit, like I said it has been weeks without money coming in so I said that I would be glad to do any thing he wants if he would use me as his go to inspector in the future

If you have to ask, your question is answered.

Essay, not esay

Ethics, not ethects

Phone, not phnoe

really, not realy

knows, not nows

legit, not lajit

Words matter. Spelling matters. Grammar matters. Train yourself to write and post properly, and it will carry over to your reports. :roll:

I thought this was a “joke” post. Maybe not?

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hi my name is bob cody I am new to inter nashi and just getting started on my required course’s

Well, I suggest some studies be undertaken in spelling, grammar and punctuation. The best inspection with a poorly written report will be judged on the written content. A professional report should be well written with as much attention to wording as inspecting.