Escrow Agreement

Does any one have a standard letter for their client to sign if payment for the inspection is going to be paid at escrow.

Many Thanks

This from my order form:


Thanks Brain,

That is very helpful

Hey, Brian.

Good form, but I find it a little confusing at the end:

With two paragraphs, it looks like two separate notes, so in the last note you’re saying that you will return the check within 72 hours of close of escrow, which conflicts with the first note.

Perhaps a minor rewrite:

Here’s what I use


Well written and you define the paramiters of absolute payment.
I’ve never been asked to be paid out of escrow, but I plan on using your format, if that’s OK?


Very nice job, indeed, Joe. Far better than our existing escrow payment form. May we also modify, adapt and use it?

If escrow closes, I will either destroy or return the clients per whichever check check box is indicated. I confirm at the appointment too:

" mr/ms XXxxxxx, you indicated that this inspection will be billed through escrow and that you preferr the check you are giving me today to secure the inspecton report(s) to be returned/destroyed, correct? Are you interested in saving $Xx and not billing through escrow?"

But I can see your point double R…