Estimate Option

I’ve received a number of calls or emails from prospective clients who have started to fill out the online ISN request form. They do not want to schedule an inspection but only want an estimate and it confuses them. Is there a way to allow them to select the option for estimate or scheduling up front?

I’ve submitted this as a suggestion to ISN if you are experiencing this or want an estimate option then register a vote for this suggestion at ISN

Hey Ken!

For the moment… how about adding some wording in your top info banner that says something like… “Looking for an estimate or a quote? Give us a call at XYZ and let us help!”
This would give you the opportunity to tell them why they should use you… instead of just moving on to the next company…

The top banner is at the bottom of the settings page… with the OS … General Settings.

Let me know if I can help :slight_smile:

ISN is set up the way that is so that someone can’t just get an estimate without giving the inspector some details, such as their contact information. This allows the inspector to follow up with a phone cal or email if they do not book.

If you really want to give estimates without collecting any data on them, just publish a price list.

First this is based upon feedback from the users (potential clients). Second the purpose of this system is to help automate or as it been referred to be an office assistant.

It says “Schedule a Property Inspection” I tried to figure out how to change this but could not. I also wanted to add a note to the schedule step noting that this was not a commitment but could not find a way to do this.

I do follow up but what I am seeing is that people abandon the form and don’t complete it when the reach the schedule option. Just makes common sense that they should have the option to request and estimate or schedule an inspection.

2 calls this week…I didn’t want to schedule an inspection just looking to get some idea of available dates and price. Both from agents!