Estimates for repairs

How many Inspectors here include estimates for repairs in their reports? I am not asking because I am a contractor, Joe F. It seems like most realtors expect prices included in the report. Any feedback

Here in Nevada we are not allowed to provide cost, age or life expectancy. I think it’s a good idea. It keeps the liability down for us. If you say the repair costs $ to fix and they buy the house then it ends up costing $$$$ for repairs their lawyer may be calling.

Providing estimates for defects within home inspection reports is a South Florida thing which was started by FABI/ASHI… Besides, contractors are not the only people who are capable & comfortable providing estimates.

For instance… I’m a licensed Insurance Adjuster in the state of Florida who has been trained in estimating and is familiar with Xactimate. I provide guesstimates for defects within my home inspection reports when requested. :wink:

Thanks Joe.

I STAY AWAY from estimates for repair as much as possible, I only provide then as a courtesy when asked too and make them well aware of the meaning of the word ESTIMATE… Seen many friend get heat over this…

i see no choice in most cases

I am pretty sure it was you I e mailed regarding this.
I give estimates and on my estimates page, below the estimates is this:

no, i never got that but thanks. do you include estimates in every report? It seems like agents/buyers like it, might as well just throw it in, huh

Yes, I do give estimates and always have.

Added wit edit: It wasn’t you but someone with a similar name.

Im gonna start, too. I have always included it when they ask, but it seems like everyone is expecting it, so better to include it than be a pain in the *** about it.

thanks for your input

It is a asinine waist of everyone’s time. It is only done for buyers to beat up sellers and is never accurate Any I have every seen have been a complete joke. When they must have them I provide them and tell them they are a useless joke.

Never accurate?
I have had several clients call me back after-wards and say that what I said it was going to cost was very close.

Without estimates, the average home buyer just has a list of what is wrong and is no better off than before the inspection.

I guess then a contractor should be called to give estimates…Wait a minute:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Then you must be a lot better then the rest.
I see crap like 0 to 500 dollars. How can you give an accurate estimate when most of the time you have no idea what other problems will be exposed once you start or what materials they want to use or if they want to fix it properly or just get by. A home inspection is not the place to get estimates.

Do you want to get sued for underestimating your qoutes by the buyer?

Do you want to get sued by the seller because you ruined his sale and he has 10 letters from 10 other licensed contractors who sware they “would have” done it for much less?

Just food for thought but hey feel free to do it your way. Maybe InterNACHI does not reccomend it for some reason?

Has the world gone nuts??

You sound like an inspector;)

A contractor’s mind is a terrible thing to waste. :stuck_out_tongue:

As stated in a previous post, estimates and costs are two different words with different meanings. Show me any case where an inspector has been sued solely for providing estimates.

Again, one must understand the definition of the words being used. And your scenario has never happened.

What year was NACHI started? I started my own company in 1994 and have always given estimates.
And, I am pretty sure the SoP says something to the effect of, “the inspector is “not required” to give estimates”.

IF you are doing this at all You must provide a cost range. It is not a formal estimate. For you guys who are contractors you should know that providing an actual estimate obligates you under Fl. contractor law to provide the service at the specified price. That would be if you want to do it at all, as I read the HI statute it will no longer be permissable.

Good luck I hope it works out for ya.


Like I asked you before what did you do before you woke up and decieded to call your self a home inspector?

Good thing you aren’t looking to start any arguments. I mean about people calling themselves home inspectors and such.:roll: Got any cast Iron cookware that talks to itself Mike?