esurance DYI Home Inspection

We are all so concern about which SOP to follow and whether or not we should be or not be code inspectors while doing the insurance inspections, and we even disagree with the low balling prices (below $150) for each insurance inspection. We completely drop the ball on this one. The insurance company is giving it to us without vaseline. Esurance develop and published yesterday a DYI home inspection app where the client now can do the home inspection by him/herself within 25 minutes according to the link below:

The application is called DYI Home Inspection from esurance. and you can download it to your phone today. I downloaded the application but i cant test it out because i do not have an account esurance. So, I am not sure what is the app actually inspecting.

Did any of the associations knew about this? If the other insurance agencies caught up with this, we might be loosing $200 to $300 from each home inspection (Assuming one wind mitigation and one four point inspection). I know some hate the headache that comes with the insurance inspections, but I am sure no one get a headache about the $200-$300. And what stops ReMax, or a big realtor company from developing a general home inspection app for realtors.

The only thing home inspectors should be afraid of is technology replacing us. (Our job can’t be send overseas, but it can definitely be replace by technology. (any in-person profession can be.)

And the worst is that I came across this with a TV commercial.

Ramon, you don’t have to worry about that here as they do not write homeowners insurance in Florida. Imagne a homeowner doing a wind mitigation or 4-point inspection.

Also on another note, low balling suck but least your area gets $150 for a wind mit or 4-point. Were lucky to get about $75 in my area. Some guys are doing them for $50.

Now, I can go to sleep relax, at least tonight. I didnt know they didnt insured Florida properties. By the way the standard in my area is $75. Not that many people charge $150. :confused:

At least now clients will not have to pay anyone to screw them they will be able to do it themselves.

No large insurance companies write in Florida except for State Farm which is limited to some areas. Some will write northern Florida. Me being in the WBDR and you being in the HVHZ, shouldn’t have to worry about this.

Or fraud it, crap I got an FPE Panel, Hey Earl(next door neighbor) let me take a picture of your new Square D Panel :twisted: :smiley:

Just like many do now :slight_smile: I actually hate taking money from people who have to fix a ton of stuff :frowning: Mainly old folks :frowning:

It’s not an inspection. It’s just a series of PICs of your own home in case there ever is a claim.