Ethical Legal Interpretation Required

Inspection completed. Upon building the report, and working from an 2015 home inspection report, the prior inspector indicated 2 or more circuit conductors terminating on one OCPD, over current protection device, that referred to a receptacle, under the distribution panel, that was not analysed for current or polarity by the inspector.

Is it an inspectors ethical or legal fiduciary obligation to declare the above mentioned?
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Are you really that obtuse after having responded to this over here, *( with this response?

You are really getting annoying in providing inaccurate information to any inspectors on this forum and is getting disgusting.

Did you recently miss a crawlspace?

Robert, extremely pleased you are looking forward to replies. Perhaps you will read and understand this better than your other posts on the MB.

You should take a long, long, long working vacation to build your knowledge base about home inspecting, then selectively come back and contribute. If you never do so again, it will not be a loss.

Nowhere did the OP mention a OCPD. He did mention illegal tap and if it is off of the main lugs, IT IS A MAJOR SAFETY CONCERN.

Of course the OP did not provide enough information, or even any pics, so assumptions on just about everything, but still:roll: piss poor advice. If you are this obtuse and unobservant on the MB…:roll:

“So, I am working on my report from my inspection last night. Moments ago I remembered something, but it didn’t occur to me while onsite. At the main electrical service outside there was an outlet under the panel. I was focused on the stuff inside the panel and this was sort of a peripheral observation. I have an old inspection report from 2015 where the previous inspector indicated there were illegal taps and referred to this outlet. I did not test the outlet to see if it still is receiving power or not. This is an important thing to miss. I’m not sure what to do. Do I talk to the client or realtor about coming back to quickly check this item? Or should I write it up? And if I should just write it up, does anybody have any suggestions of how to do this eloquently?
thanks a bunch.”

This is a hypothetical.
Please leave assumptions were they belong.

No assumption here…

How about the lack of ethics!

How about what you already confidently stated:

I thought I made a mistake once. But I was wrong.

#2 wafi

Most accessory outlets I see mounted to, on the side or under a main panel are simply a spare seldom used. AND if used most often for things like a doorbell transformer or alarm, etc.

Probably 65% of the time there is nothing even plugged into it. If its mounted underneath its also a 50% chance or more its double-tapped into a lower 120v breaker NOT the main lugs.

Fixing it can be as simple as pulling it off OR pig-tailing it then putting it back.

Its a simple CHEAP easy fix 95% of the time. Why the hell is everyone trying to build Mt Rushmore out of a fly turd.

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