Ethics Complaint against Robert Young

Robert Young has posted on Inspection News that I posted remarks to cause Ray Wand to be banned from there.

This is a complete lie.

I had no interaction with Wand that morning he was removed

He had issues with Roy Lewis about CMI not me

It is against the COE of both CMI and InterNachi what he has done

I am asking for his removal from here for his lies against me

This is what he has posted happened that morning which is a full outright lie

Jim Mosiuk was disparaging Raymond unprofessionally.
Jim has learned to use “false information” provided by others, and targets with emails I suspect.
Jim is a very confused and thinks he is an authority with the skewed information some provide.
Too bad.
So sad.

Enough of this guy and his lies.

Accuracy has never been a hallmark of Mr. Yeung’s accusations.

Ok seriously. Why are you Canadians always crying and filing ethics complaints? Grow up dude.

I always thought they didn’t have anything better to do in the winter.

lol that’s funny

Since you brought it out Jim. I would have said nothing .
However, Wasn’t it you that reported Wand.
I do agree with you on this matter, all Wand want’s to do is flame NACHI.
I don’t like the way he talks to Lisa…Nope!
I for one will defend NACHI to the tilt!

Let me set the record straight…
I’m Roy Lewis CMI… and I have no complaint against Robert Young whatsoever…
And I like the dude…Unorthodox? Yes! But, an honest Brother.

Hence, your complaint falls on deaf ears.
I’m glad Brian banned him… It will only be for a little while…
No big deal.

The point is that it was not me that was posting with Wand

He has now corrected this at IN but he keeps making false accusations then apologising for it and I am sick of it.

Enough is Enough

he should be banned as Wand was

You realize you sound 4 right?

Roy, calling Young honest is like you calling Elliot sober.