Ethics, repairs pre insp

i just completed and passed the ethics course with 100%. this was my essay.
I can easily imagine that if I were performing a home inspection for a client that was trying to get his house ready for sale that he would ask me to repair any defects I found. The amount of time it takes to find somebody to do the repairs would increase the time it takes to get the house on the market and having defects listed on the report can lower the value of the home.
My questions is what if a client wants to have work done on the house prior to having me do the inspection so he can avoid having the defect listed in the first place. I am a licensed general contractor and could easily see many potential defects before doing an inspection. i’ll bet that I’m going to hear back that it would not be ethical and might put me in legal danger, conflict of interest. also curious about giving referrals to client of other contractors besides my self and if it’s a conflict to ask for referral fees from them if the client chooses to hire them.
thanks in advance for your responses.

I would think you would not be allowed to inspect your own work.