Someone in the above thread was wondering how non-members would vote on this pole. Well, us non-members may not post in that section.

It is funny that some of the members of the Ethics committee think it is OK to publish “members only” ASHI threads in an open forum on this board when those same people were making such a big deal about “Members only” NACHI threads being posted in other forums and blogs.:roll:

The NACHI Ethics committee is a seriously troubling group indeed.

As to all the Joe H. bashing, I was here for the whole deal and Joe H. was only trying to do what was right.

Joe H. is a stand up guy and deserves a heck of a lot more respect then he is getting from some of these folks that think they know what the hell they are talking about.

The truth is as obvious as the air in Busharts head.

OK, bring on the booze references.:roll:

Sobering comments :smiley:

For what it’s worth, I think Bushart is a genius. Pretending to be NACHI’s greatest asset and freedom fighter, all the while really being the exact opposite.

Really, he is causing more damage to NACHI then any one. Someone has to get a gag on this guy before he totally destroys NACHI.

I agree with Mr.Bush, NACHI used to be about benefits and help, now it’s just about politics and bull****.


(P.S. - No more red boxes please, I took a beating on that NACHI tax thread I started :slight_smile: )

Hi Todd,

Those of us that were at the first convention know why Joe H did what he did. The others here are just being lead by someone that has a personnel agenda against him. It is really ashame that he is treated with such disrespect, I am sure that it is keeping others from volunteering their services. That is why we are stuck with the group that we have now. Just know that a lot of us don’t agree with the current situation. But as you know there is only one person that can do anything about it and as long as they serve his purpose nothing will change. Like others have said NACHI isn’t about being professional anymore. It just goes to show that others follow the leader, so I guess this is what we get from the worst inspector of the year award.

WOW! I really thought more folks gave a crap about this problem, but then again it may be in the MO forum as it should be.


So nice to see you dribbling your nonsensical rants again

Compared to the crap I have seen posted by your group of fools, I find my post rather soothing. I do not believe I was ranting , more like pointing out the obvious. I must say that your Ethics troops are unethical to say the least. I see a few hippocrits being allowed to say whatever the hell they want to and all the while the membership is being held to task!:shock:

If I was you Joe I would be ashamed of myself for allowing this by your fellow “I aint got no ethics” group!

Just resign and get the pain over with.:cool:

I am kinda curious as to why you have been here sooooo long? Do you have something on Nick? It must be something as for as long as I have been here you have done nothing for the NACHI org. well, except for your “take my money” ADRS crap.

The fact that you are still present really troubles me.?

WOW! I have just read 11 PM’s that were congradulating me on wishing you well. I suggest you just resign and get it over with as NACHI members will be very pleased.:smiley:

It is obvious that you are not a welcome body on the NACHI camp, so , if no one wants you why not bow down?

If I am am remiss please post a poll as to Joe F’s worthiness as a NACHI member worthey of his title.:shock::shock::shock::shock::shock:

I will gurentee that if we get 100% against Joe he will still raine as the man that does the deads.:twisted:




NACHI could do a lot worse than having you on board Greg. At least you live in the real world are willing to help other inspectors and you have a good sense of ethics.

Couldn’t agree more Todd.

Seems we have an unethical member of the Ethics Committee.

Kinds of undermines any good works they could do eh?

That’s the way myself and many others see it. :frowning:

However, very few are willing to speak up on such matters.


However, I feel the days of the NACHI policeman have run there course.:mrgreen: