Even if you disclaim fire sprinklers, you should know this

If you have a residential fire sprinkler system in your home, you should have a “spare head box”. It will typically contain spare sprinkler heads, the same as what is used in your home, a sprinkler head wrench, the key for the Inspector’s valve, and maybe some trim rings.
It’s not required for single-family homes, but it’s a good idea. There are many types of heads, and many manufacturers, and you don’t want the contractor showing up on Sunday night for emergency repairs (because you set off the sprinkler head when soldering pipe in the water heater closet, yes, I did that), and he doesn’t have the right wrench or head for your system.
If you are buying a new home, ask the builder to include this. If your home doesn’t have a spare head box, call one of the local fire sprinkler companies and ask them to set you up. Get more information here.https://www.sandiegothermalinspection.com/sandiego-home-inspection-blog/2015/3/23/about-your-residential-fire-sprinkler-system

Leave it to Frank to always be trying to get some extra ‘head’!:roll:

That is a great idea. It seems likely that these systems will continue to become more common. I am sure most people would never even think of doing this.

I have made a presentation twice to our Town Council for sprinklers.
The builders do a better job of convincing the council about how it would increase the cost of a new home too much .
The Fire chief was on my side . The cost in a new home is close to the same to the cost of lawn sprinklers …
A fire in a sprinkler home is low about $6,000.00~ and the people are out of the home for a few weeks .
A fire in regular home can be well over $100,000.00 +++~ and the home owner is out for a very long time .
Of course the builder makes more money with a complete rebuild .
That’s why the do not want sprinklers .
In Canada there has never been a fire death in a home with fire sprinklers in it.