Even MORE from Mallory....

Is NAHI really…in the legal sense…a not-for-profit association?

Look at how much the staff is paid from the dues coming from only 1800 members.

Is this more info that should be fed to the Feds?


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I don’t see where having paid staff would cause them to lose their non-profit status. We have paid staff in the office.

I would state that the membership there should demand more for their money, however. Perhaps instead of suing NACHI and trying to put us out of business through bad legislation they should have been promoting the qualifications of their inspectors, aquiring benefits for their members, and promoting the soundness of their association.

But, they go by the old addage, It isn’t my fault my business stinks, it’s all my competitions fault. :roll: :roll:

Deleted in response to a personal request.

Deleted in response to a personal request.

It is staggering to see that much of membership dues going to four people at the top.

Can I have a raise??? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I did not see in the deposition that Mallory owned Harrington. I read it that she was an employee of Harrington.

If she owns them, then yes, I would be worried about their non-profit status as well!!

She swore that she is an owner.

I want to be fair here with the word “secretly.”

I’m taking my own phone survey of friends who belong to that association. So far, not one of them knew that their Executive Director owned their association’s management company.

If anyone has some evidence to show that this ownership was well disclosed to their membership, please let me know.

I want to be fair.

The plot thickens…

This would mean that she would also be getting a share of what NAHI is paying Harrington for the other staff members, as a part owner of Harrington. right?

Right, it goes to revocation of their non-profit status. In states like PA one must (by law) be a member of an inspection association that operates non-profit. If you are not a member of a non-profit organization, you are performing inspections illegally in PA.



Minneapolis, MN (May 24, 2007) - The Harrington Company, Minnesota’s largest association management company, has announced the completed transfer of the company’s ownership from its founder. With twenty-two association clients, The Harrington Company provides full or partial services to not-for-profit trade and individual member associations and foundations. Internal executives comprised of president John Francis and senior managers Mallory Anderson, Doug Barnes, Gretchen Huetteman, Tony LeClerc and Karen Wesloh now hold one-hundred percent of the private company stock. The company was founded in 1977 by Ed A. Harrington, who worked as its chairman until his death in 2006 at the age of eighty-three.

For additional information, contact John Francis at (952) 928-4666.

Wow. Just…wow.:shock:

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That’s not a press release from the association (disclosure to its members)!

Can anyone find anyone at that association who was informed of this ownership by their Exectutive Director?

You’re right. I even cracked on the thought that she didn’t know how much of the company she owned.:shock:

Bad case of CRAFT this week.

Bye Bye non-profit.!!

You can read the full transcript of Mallory Anderson’s deposition, here.