Everdry, the dorks, wanted over $10,000 and their inside system would NOT have solved

Dumb, incompetent bullshtt from yet again, Everdry water-dorking.
Homeowner called my dumb azz AFTER getting an estimate from the supposed guru’s at Everdry waterproofing. She said, they tapped on the basement floor and told her, ‘Yep, you have a hydrostatic pressure problem under the floor and need an interior system’!!! ](,)](,)
They wanted over $10,000 for their incompetent interior bulshtt and, that’s EXACTLY what it is.

Now you look at these pictures please…
Pic’s 2—6. Inside the basement, the leaky area. Water was getting in through-around the cleanout pipe where it then ran down duh rest of wall where it then would go to the left, under the shelving and puddle

7,8,9. Digging it down (part of front wall), friggin concrete again, more dumb sht.

10–13. Umm see the pipe, see the screwdriver etc? That is where duh water was FIRST entering.

14,15. See the GRADE? Was this basement leak due to improper grading?
lolol…some are so friggin OFF when they say that kind of bullshttt. See where the street is, see the house across the street and some wanna yap about the grade, pft!

Charged homeowners $975…could have gave them estimate for $5,000 which still would have saved them over $5,000 and, an inside system and sump pump would NOT have stopped the water from coming in!!@2!3$$2!!! #-o#-o#-o#-o#-o](,)](,)](,)](,)](*,)

Friggin knowledge and honesty should account for some g dang $$$, sob’s.

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