Every CMI now has their own custom Safe Home book for consumers and SEO purposes.

Find yourself at the Certified Master Inspector website: http://certifiedmasterinspector.org/find

Click on the Download Safe Home Book link (it takes a moment to download as it is a large book).

Note the first page. Under the title of the book it says: Brought to you by… and lists your name, city/state province, website, email address and phone number.

Then every other page of the book has your name and inspection business website address at the bottom as well.

Each book is unique in that it has the particular Certified Master Inspector’s name and contact information embedded within it. This is an awesome book for consumers and great for the search engine optimization of each CMI.

Free of course.


Thanks Nick.

More consumer-targeted and SEO stuff coming.

This is awesome!!

You should probably also offer this custom book from your home inspection business website. You can just hyperlink (get the URL by right clicking on the link) to it from your site.

Each CMI has his/her own custom book link with his/her name & contact information imbedded throughout the book.

good idea

It’s SEO on steroids.

Thanks Nick, that’s awesome!!

On my newsletter page. Link will be placed later today.


It’s a big book, so if your web hosting service doesn’t permit such a large file to be uploaded to your site, just find your book on the CMI site, right click on it to capture the URL of the hyperlink, and then just link to it.

Nick great job! Very nice but my name is spelled wrong. It is Pelletier’s Home Inspection. They spelled Pelletier wrong. :roll:

Email them contact@certifiedmasterinspector.org They will correct the spelling of your name immediately for you.

How does that link work, it just sends me to Find A CMI. ?:slight_smile:

Live on my website.
Thanks Nick…


Thanks Nick!

I sent the email, again thank you.

Find yourself on www.certifiedmasterinspector.org Marcel… then click the Download “Safe Home” book link. The system creates an entire book that has your name and contact information on the cover and embedded throughout. Each CMI has his/her own book.

Thanks Nick, that is quite a book of information.:slight_smile:

works well for me.

Great book, I will add it to my website tomorrow. Where do you find the time?