Every InterNACHI member now gets fleet pricing at Jiffy Lube. Cut out your card here.

Excellent Nick !! 15% will add up quickly in savings… another great benefit.:cool:


I’m using it myself today.

Do you have to pay in CASH at time of service for discount?
I usually use my Shell credit card that they do accept.
Thanks Nick.


Thanks Nick, just another benefit to being an InterNACHI Member:D


Thanks Nick!

Great, except that all the Jiffy’s around here are now Valvoline.

Is this good or Canada aswell?? Some of the benefits don’t seem to benefit us up here?

U.S. and Canada. In addition to www.nachi.org/benefits , we now provide more than 140,000 similar InterNACHI deals, but you have to sign up for them separately here: http://www.nachi.org/superdeals.htm

Do it now.


Just got a synthetic oil change-upgraded, 3 new wipers, oil, engine & cabin air filters.
Saved $27.60.
THANKS! :smiley:

As my grandmother used to say, $27.60 is $27.60.

Great Nick!!

Just a reminder to get your Jiffy Lube 15% off coupon.
The glitch we had was ironed out by them and everytime I go in now
the fleet discount is automatic, don’t even need to show the card.

Thanks Nick and again to Shailene for helping solve the glitch!