Every now and then you find these gems

I do a lot of commercial work. And every now and then you see something like this, and then the whole building becomes suspect, notifications go out, etc, etc.

The Fed Pac panel:

The cherry on top:

It can get real annoying when a breaker trips all the time. Now it’ll never trip again, problem solved.:scream_cat:

Someone made a breaker lock and the whole building is suspect. Really?

Breaker locks do not prevent the breaker from tripping. They prevent the accidental removal of power.

A key for a breaker lock really? Unprofessional suspect yes Commercial work acceptable no

This home made breaker lock violates UL 489 (you can’t rely on the metal enclosure cover to hold a locking device in place). This is a material defect for sure, and a potential latent defect with that particular breaker. E2018 allows me to increase my sample set and scope as I see fit in order to enhance the due diligence I provide to my client. Given the age of the electrical system components (40+ years) and the presence of material defects (ad hoc locking devices that violate a UL safety standard), the result is a recommendation for an IR study (due to age of the equipment) and an electrical distribution system survey (due to the presence of the material defect).

Thanks for clarifying that. I did not know that the breaker would still trip.

Yes that home made breaker lock-on is wrong but in itself it is not a safety hazard. There are UL listed breaker accessories that are permitted to be bolted to the cover but this isn’t one of them. :smiley:

A UL listed breaker locking accessory that is bolted to the cover would violate UL 489 14.9.1 (d): Lock-on device shall not rely on the panel enclosure cover to retain the device in place.

I didn’t say a breaker lock on device I said a breaker accessory, for example a generator breaker interlock kit. All of the breaker lock-on devices that I’ve installed lock-on directly to the breaker.